Les Mots troubles #1, Humour and second degree

Discussion between Julie Béna, Jeanne Moynot, Ndayé Kouagou and Laeticia Paviani

« "Mots Troubles" is a program of meetings around the text in its oral dimension. It is certain that one can read aloud the desired texts, nevertheless some have a nicer ring to it than others. Some, from the start, were written to be spoken by authors such as a playwright or a lyricist, for others, like the novelist, this orality is surely less obvious. For my part, I always write my texts by hearing and saying them, and I wonder if it is the same for our guests? What is the role of the ear, what is the desire of the voice, what do we want from those who listen? »
(Julie Béna)

These 5 chapters will be an opportunity to explore different aspects of the text in its contemporary form.

For this first meeting, on October 5, 2022, the discussion will be built with three guests, artists and writers, Jeanne Moynot, Ndayé Kouagou, and Laetitia Paviani, around the notions of humor and second degree. Each one uses it in his work but with very different biases and proposals. How is this relationship to humor constructed, what does it allow to say, what does it allow to do? How does the second degree propose the distancing of oneself as well as a step towards the others? Is changing the way we think about seriousness a way to chase away fear?