There is a man

Guillaume Leblon's first monograph

There is a man is the very first monograph by Guillaume Leblon, a leading contemporary artist in sculpture, assemblage and installation, who also paints and draws. His work expresses an aesthetic fascination with the passage of time, organic memory, imprinting and the forms of decomposition, wear and traces. A “new-generation” sculptor, he experiments with techniques, using salvaged objects and a wide variety of materials (sand, stone, wood, water, plaster, clay, etc.) to create landscapes with elaborate staging, where space itself becomes material. This ambitious monograph revisits over thirty years of exhibitions by the artist. 

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Michel Gauthier, Philippe Van Cauteren
Manuella Editions
Supported by
Fondation Pernod Ricard, SMAK, Palais de Tokyo
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40.00 €