Back to the young audiences' workshop with Madiana Kané Vieyra

Madiana Kané Vieyra and the children visiting the exhibition "matter gone wild"
Madiana Kané Vieyra and the children visiting the exhibition "matter gone wild"

On the occasion of “matter gone wild” the exhibition by Josèfa Ntjam, the Fondation Pernod Ricard organized a workshop for young audiences.

Accompanied by nine children, the artist and storyteller Madiana Kané Vieyra first presented the exhibition to the little visitors who took the opportunity to express themselves on their emotions, their vision of otherness, their anger, their revolts .

Placed under the label of imagination and taking a position, the children were invited to write and design their own avatar based on the model of Josèfa who performs his revolt.

One expresses herself:

“Hello my name is Papillona, ​​I am 18 years old. I am half-butterfly, half-eagle, half-human. I'm going to tell you a story that made me very sad. »

Another adds:

“Hello, my name is Freudon. I live on Proxima Centauri, in Dratar. I am 23 years old. The year is 1350 and I am a warrior. Hidden in the shadows, dark and dark injustice works in the shadows. »

Through this avatar, they fearlessly expressed their anger in the face of injustice:

“For the election of delegates, one of my friends showed up and the teacher took three votes away from him. So he's someone I don't like at all, who hits all the time and does stupid things all the time; »

After this writing time, Madiana Kané Vieyra suggested that the children express their anger by declaiming their text. This beautiful moment of sharing gave rise to a recording, subsequently sent to the children and their parents.

This workshop allowed the children to facilitate awareness of their own revolts, which is what Josèfa Ntjam pushed for in his “matter gone wild” exhibition.