Entretien sur l'art with Josèfa Ntjam, hosted by Jill Gasparina

"Josèfa Ntjam's work can be defined as "multidisciplinary speculative writing" (Barbara Sirieix). Pluridisciplinary because it combines video, installation, performance, narration, music and sculpture. Speculative because the artist imagines, in work after work, possible futures in which Western definitions of time, nature, plant and animal species, and identities are abandoned, overtaken. In the video Mélas de Saturne (2020), the artist's voice utters "Je suis plusieurs" ("I am many"), like a credo that opposes the operations of classifying and naming with a form of emancipating poetic freedom.

Nourished by a wide range of influences, from Afro-futurism to feminist writings, from science fiction to web cultures, from African myths to Detroit techno, this work-cyborg functions first and foremost as a montage. But the heterogeneity of the sources is as if absorbed into the artist's visual and sonic universe, immediately recognizable by its shapes, colors, voice or the hypnotic yet critical experiences it proposes."

Jill Gasparina