La Traverse 7

La Traverse 7. Graphic Design: Studio Des Signes
La Traverse 7. Graphic Design: Studio Des Signes

Discover the new issue of La Traverse, Foundation Pernod Ricard's biannual journal.

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In this 7th issue of La Traverse, discover contributions from: Colette Barbier, Flora Bouteille, Arlène Berceliot-Courtin, Nicolas Chardon, David Douard, Vérane Guillard, Hugo Pernet, Prune Phi, Chloé Quenum, Sabine Teyssoneyre, After 8 Books.

Editorial by Antonia Scintilla, Fondation Pernod Ricard Director:

On the cover of this latest issue of La Traverse, our attention is drawn to a square-shaped target. On its fourth page, the stretched-out silhouettes of two hares leap as if in a race. These images, framing the pages of the journal, are the creations of two painters, Nicolas Chardon and Hugo Pernet, whose practices are deeply rooted in art history. While the former draws inspiration from European avant-gardes, with one of his works now adorning the façade of Café Mirette, the latter leans towards more classical influences. His fascinating interview with Jill Gasparina in our Auditorium last October sheds light on his artistic journey. Both artists challenge traditional forms, constantly probing their relevance in contemporary contexts. This issue's editorial direction is anchored in this dialogue with history, echoing the thematic focus of our ongoing exhibitions.

First up is Marjolaine Lévy's curated exhibition, marking her return to the Foundation over two years after her thought-provoking encounter with Clement Greenberg. Delving into the modernist legacy, her latest endeavor brings together Farah Atassi and Ulla von Brandenburg in a vibrant celebration of color, form, and the stage as a platform for liberation. Following this, David Douard takes on the role of curator for the first time, assembling a diverse group of artists spanning generations and backgrounds. His exhibition, while lacking a clear manifesto, unearths shared artistic sensibilities that transcend temporal boundaries.

Beyond these curated exhibitions, La Traverse explores a variety of narratives, each offering a unique perspective on art. From Prune Phi's exploration of transmission within Asian communities in the West, to Flora Bouteille's imaginative interview envisioning the future of her work, and Hugo Pernet's poetic reflections on the artist's daily life, this issue presents a diverse array of voices. Colette Barbier's insightful interview with Chloé Quenum adds depth to our exploration.

Finally, we are thrilled to share the initial insights of Arlène Berceliot Courtin, curator of the 25th Fondation Pernod Ricard Prize, along with the list of nominated artists. The upcoming exhibition, titled "All Messages Are Emotional," pays tribute to the groundbreaking work of Lauren Berlant, whose exploration of affect and language has profoundly influenced contemporary discourse. As our pages traverse the realms of past, present, and future, they evoke timeless emotions, inviting readers on a journey of discovery and reflection.