Meeting with Pauline Bastard and Mohamed El Khatib, byJérôme Mauche

Still from the movie  "Athena Nikè" byPauline Bastard, (c) Pauline Bastard
Still from the movie "Athena Nikè" byPauline Bastard, (c) Pauline Bastard

As part of the "Poésie Plateforme" cycle, the Foundation proposed a unique encounter between the artist Pauline Bastard and the author and director Mohamed El Khatib on October 15, 2022.

This interview was made in French.

Pauline Bastard's approach is based on social structures that she explores by reproducing them in collective experiences. Being a person, being part of a family, working together, gathering around grand narratives: these replayed situations produce images, films and objects. In the États de la Matière, she buys a house and gathers a team to disperse it in nature. For Alex, she surrounds herself with professionals, an anthropologist, a lawyer, a psychoanalyst, a stylist ... to invent a person. Recently in Les Adversaires, presented this spring at the Fondation Pernod Ricard, a group of citizens reinterpret the 2022 presidential election campaign as it unfolds. Her work has been presented in recent years in numerous group shows at Mac/Val, Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Kunsthal Aarhus, Arts Santa Monica in Barcelona, Assembly Point in London, and in solo exhibitions, most recently at Villa Merkel in Esslingen. She was a winner of the Audi Talent Awards. She is represented by the Barbara Seiler Gallery, Zürich, and the Joan Prats Gallery, Barcelona.

Author, director and producer, Mohamed El Khatib develops documentary fiction projects in the field of performance, literature and cinema. Through intimate epics, he invites a farmer, a cleaning lady, and sailors to co-sign with him a writing of the present time and as many shows: Moi, Corinne Dadat; Stadium with 58 supporters of the Racing Club de Lens; La Dispute co-written with 6 children aged 8. The question of mourning is at the center of several of his works, from Finir en beauté: a play in a death act that evokes the end of her mother's life, to C'est la vie that brings together two actors who have lost a child. He has also created a conversation on stage with the filmmaker Alain Cavalier and the performance Boule à neige with the historian Patrick Boucheron. He recently created the show Gardien Party with 10 museum guards and with Valérie Mréjen. With Valérie Mréjen, they imagined the LBO, an art center in an EHPAD. He has made several films, including Renault 12, a road movie between Orleans and Tangiers. His theater is published by Les Solitaires Intempestifs. He has received the Grand Prix for dramatic literature, as well as the Prix du jeune théâtre from the Académie française.