Paris Performances : Les mots troubles #4, Listening session - text & music with Julie Béna

For this fourth edition of Les Mots Troubles  on April 5, 2023 at the Pernod Ricard Foundation, a film, by Czech visual artist Marie Tučková in collaboration with Iga Świeściak, a moment of mixed sound and voice by Jamika Ajalon, American poet and musician, and a musical and textual time by artist-researcher Célin Jiang.

"None of the three artists you will hear tonight "only makes music". Yet, on April 5, it is this relationship to sound that will bring us together. At the same time, these three artists have all lived elsewhere at some point in their lives, left, returned, or not. When I was researching the idea of "what you leave with" from a place, from your city, from your country, what constantly came back was music. In the form of a melody, a record, a tape, an mp3... From the vacation playlist to the farewell song, nothing accompanies us more than music. And today, with smartphones, it moves with us and is made available at any time."

Julie Béna