RAW ON by Ana Pi, with Dj Firmeza

As part of the Paris (Performance) cycle, this carte blanche was given to Ana Pi on June 23, 2022.

RAW ON = ancient technology of resistance

"I used to say that dancing delays war. For me, the set of Afro-diasporic dances is one of the rarest elements that still protect the ngunzu of the planet Earth, in other words: vitality. Among these dances that I study with care, certain movements are essential, including walking and its notion of dynamic balance. In Capoeira Angola, this walk is called ginga, in homage to a warrior queen who during her lifetime put the atrocity of the colonial project on hold. For the time of this evening Paris Performance I invite the Luso-Angolan producer Dj Firmeza, with the intensity of his post-kuduro music, his singular flow and his percussive mixing, to join me for a training session, of deployment. The turntables will provide the rhythm, a rereading of traditional sacred and popular dances, where it is always a question of dialogue between the basic steps and the drumming. Together we will celebrate the power of common ground, raw materials, ancestral gestures that do not suffer from programmed obsolescence.

Ana Pi

Photo : still image from Ana Pi's performance, RAW ON, video (c) Margaux Vendassi