Carte Blanche by Boris Kurdi

For his carte blanche, Boris Kurdi has teamed up with Jules Bernagaud et Manuel Vieillot, classmates from his days at Beaux-Arts de Paris whom he appreciates both as artists and as human beings.

On May 20th, 2021 the trio will take over the auditorium of the Fondation Pernod Ricard to create, in just one day, a film on the subject of public discourse.

The idea for the project emerged from a collective interrogation on the mechanism by which the things people are able and/or wish to say and/or do to each other can by turns initiate, justify, or break the link between them.

The film takes the form of a conference in which Kurdi, Bernagaud and Vieillot discuss their respective practices. Recorded without an audience, it will illustrate the triangulation mentioned above. The interest resides in the risk involved in participating in what appears to be a game whose rules can only be understood in retrospect: through the lens of each individual’s cultural background and history.

A projection of the film will follow at a later date in the Fondation’s auditorium, where it was made.

This Carte Blanche project is part of the companionship program of the Pernod Ricard Prize 20-21, Bonaventure, curated by Lilou Vidal.

Image carte blanche Boris Kurdi
Image carte blanche Boris Kurdi

Jules Bernagaud
Manuel Vieillot

Fondation Pernod Ricard
1 cours Paul Ricard
75008 Paris
Free entrance
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