Christmas pop up

Wednesday 7 December 2022 at 6 pm

For the holiday season, the Pernod Ricard Foundation invites you to its Christmas Pop-up Store!

You will find a selection of pieces signed by artists, designers and creators - jewels and objects of artists, multiple works and original fashion pieces -, the ideal opportunity to find singular arty gifts for your loved ones (or for yourself!).

WE DO NOT WORK ALONE :  is a publishing house founded in Paris by Louise Grislain, Anna Klossowski and Charlotte Morel, which publishes limited series of everyday objects designed by artists. A new lamp by the artist Elsa Werth, winner of the 23rd Fondation Pernod Ricard Prize, will be proposed in our shop.

Galerie MiniMasterpiece : founded by Esther de Beaucé, the Galerie MiniMasterpiece is dedicated to the publication and exhibition of jewelry by contemporary artists and designers.

Gilles Drouault, galerie/multiples : Created by Gilles Drouault, the galerie/multiples produces and distributes original multiple works. It will present a selection of multiples by Claude Closky, Peter Downsbrough, Robert Stadler, Nina Childress, Neil Beloufa, Eva Nielsen, Matali Crasset, Davide Balula, Laurent Fievet, Vito Acconci, Farah Atassi, Pierre Ardouvin, Virginie Barré, Cécile Bart, Eva Barto, Theo Mercier, Rafaela Lopez, Hans Shabus, Véronique Joumard.

MORE Projects : MORE Projects will invite thirty artists to propose an object, which will be placed in a closed envelope. The presentation of these different options will be done through a photographic index, where the names of the authors will remain hidden, and will be revealed at the time of purchase. The circulation of these objects will thus remain off-screen, invisible and confidential.

Homaar : Founded by Jérémy Planchon, Homaar is a producer of limited edition artworks in collaboration with artists who mark the contemporary scene.

Marianna Ladreyt : Marianna Ladreyt is a fashion designer. Her creations, created and produced in Paris, are part of a process of transformation and recycling of materials.

Bombyx Mama :  is a collection of silk rectangles conceived and designed by artists, with Mathieu Mercier as artistic director.

Ker-Xavier : is a group of architects and artists, co-founded by Marie Corbin, exhibition designer and architect, and the artist Benoît Maire.

Sophie de BayserLe memento is a universal calendar for the year 2023 that gathers and compares the Gregorian, Mayan, Hebrew, Republican, Hegira, Chinese, Buddhist, Lunar, Celtic & UNIX calendars.

Photo : Elsa Werth, Light Match, 2022


Bombyx Mama

Galerie MiniMasterpiece

Gilles Drouault, galerie/multiples


Ker Xavier

Marianna Ladreyt

MORE Projects

Sophie de Bayser



Fondation Pernod Ricard
1 cours Paul Ricard
75008 Paris
Free entrance
Free admission, without reservation
Foulard en crêpe de chine de Sophie de Bayser
Foulard en crêpe de chine de Sophie de Bayser
T-shirt en sérigraphie de Mohammed Bourouissa, Homaar
T-shirt en sérigraphie de Mohammed Bourouissa, Homaar
Boîte en porcelaine de Ker-Xavier, photo : (c) Margaux Nieto
Boîte en porcelaine de Ker-Xavier, photo : (c) Margaux Nieto


À la librairie 
Saturday 24 February 2024 at 4 pm

Launch of the book Dans la polyphonie d'une île

Launch of the book Dans la polyphonie d'une île. Les fictions coloniales du séga Mauricien (ed. B42) by Caroline Déodat
at the Bookshop of the Fondation Pernod Ricard.

Wednesday 28 February 2024 at 7 pm

Inauguration of TEMPLATE by Nicolas Chardon

Fully integrated into the architecture, the entrance to the Pernod Ricard Foundation allows artists to hang a painting there for a period of two years. The work TEMPLATE, by Nicolas Chardon, now replaces the Hommage à Prévert by Vera Molnar (1924-2023) on the pediment of Café Mirette, at the entrance to the Pernod Ricard Foundation