Christophe Kihm


Christophe Kihm was born in 1967 in Reims. He lives and works between Vincennes and Geneva.

Christophe Kihm is an associate professor at the Head-Genève HES-SO in the visual arts department. He has devoted his research to the arts of action, sound arts, artistic practices of the archive, pedagogy and experimentation in the arts, exercising in parallel editorial functions, an activity of critic and independent exhibition curator. More recently, his work has focused on extraterrestrial habitability, based on the examination of concepts and forms of habitat from space research and their circulation in the fields of architecture and the arts, and on the observation and description of animal and human behavior at the frontiers of anthropology and ethology. In both cases, by combining epistemological and historical perspectives, the aim was to investigate knowledge that thinks of the human at its limits.
His writings are published in journals, exhibition catalogs, collective and personal works.
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