Eva Zornio


Born in Arlesheim (CH) in 1987.

Eva Zornio was born in the 1980s in Switzerland. After a first course in biology and a master’s degree Eva Zornio is a university student in neuroscience and is moving into the visual arts.

Developing an inquiry method inspired by the modus operandi of « art as research », she explores concepts that cross different disciplinary fields and touch the areas of our worlds occupied by the sensitive. Empathy, emotions, body, intersubjectivity are the ideas around which she gropes, tinkers, thinks and invents forms while questioning the capitalist techniques applied to affects.

In 2018, she created a working group called Affective Evaluation, which invents work units and protocols from various fields such as neurosciences, philosophy and human sciences. From this approach, which allows for a back and forth between theoretical and plastic approaches, pieces such as Étude sur l’empathie n°1 and n°2 emerge, where the spectator becomes a subject of study, or Affective Evaluation in exhibition context, which transforms an art space into an affective science laboratory.