Le collectif Basalte


Collective Basalte includes 12 curators, all MA students of a professional curatorial programme “Art Contemporain et son exposition” (Contemporary art and it’s exhibition).

BASALTE borrows its name from a geological procedure, the crystallisation of magma into volcanic rock. Basalte promotes the realisation of a fusion that is solidified in a singular object : an exhibition. Founded in 2016, the collective’s will is to invest time to research and experimentation, taking a critical stance on the accelerated rhythm of the art experience today. Feeling that duration is a fundamental element of the meeting between art works, artists and public, the collective follows the actual artistic creation by conceptualising exhibitions and supporting production, diffusion and publication.
Collective Members : Elena Cardin – François Dareau – Joshua de Paiva – Léa Djurado – Maëva Gomez – Alexandra Goullier Lhomme – Henri Guette – Hannah Kreile – Dimitri Levasseur – Eva Vaslamatzi – Leslie Veisse – Juschka Marie von Rüden.