Lou Cohen


Lou Cohen was born in Paris in 1995. She is currently in Master's degree at HEAD in Geneva.

Lou divides her time between drawing, traditional painting and filmmaking. She explores, most often through installations, the links and interactions generated by these three supports brought together in the same space. Her videos and pictorial representations, oils or drawings then respond to or contradict each other without a definitive statement. Her narratives portray the women and men of her generation with an ever-grating humour. They exchange, recount, dialogue a lot, in the diegetic space of videos, or they apostrophes and worries us, in the frozen situations of her paintings.
Lou is also an actress, in her own films, and in those of others, such as Virgil Vernier and Lucia Martinez. Her film « ceux qui veulent » was exhibited at the L’annexe gallery in Paris (2019) and selected by the Lausanne Underground Film Festival’s distribution platform, LUFF.TV (2018).
Website: loucohen.fr