Miryam Haddad


Born in 1991 in Damascus, Syria, Miryam Haddad has lived and worked in Paris since 2012.

Miryam Haddad graduated from the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2017 and received the Jean-François Prat Prize in 2019. In 2021, her work is the subject of a solo exhibition at the Frac Auvergne in Clermont Ferrand.
Miryam Haddad’s painting testifies, for those who are willing to look at it carefully, to an exciting adventure: that of a very young artist who carries within her, with equal intensity, two worlds: the abstract one of writing that transmits a message and the embodied one of painting that invites the sharing of an emotion without the help of words. His works are like the northern lights resulting from the collision of solar particles from the artist’s native East with the earth’s atmosphere and the magnetic fields of the painting practiced in Europe and the United States, and their brilliance owes nothing to chance. (Didier Semin)