Pol Taburet


Pol Taburet was born in 1997 in Paris where he lives and works.

Pol Taburet is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Paris. A graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Cergy.

In his works, form and content interfere with each other to leave room for plastic experiments that join and separate in a controlled harmony. The forms are born of themselves but the works sparkle with clues, they refer as well to the Caribbean mythology, as to the classical painting, or to the popular and contemporary culture. The spectator is taken to party instinctively in these moved chaos. He/she becomes the witness of these dramatic, violent, sometimes grotesque explosions, can feel sucked into this whirlwind of enigmatic symbols. Pol tries to capture this state where transformation and mutation reign, celebrated as a bulwark against destruction and crushing. He populates his works with hybrid chimeras, at once human, and animal, which cry out, as if to espace from the surfaces, locked up in bits of corridors or with their backs to wide open doors. These ghostly bodies, sometimes tinged with eroticism, appear or disappear in the manner of objects, which he enjoys distorting to the point of providing the discomfort of a strange vision, both fascinating and abject. Born of encounters between contradictions, his works never freeze, they breathe like struggles between opposites, "falsely violent dialogues", micro-dramas that he imposes on himself to espace their breathlessness.

Photo : (c) Djibi Kebe, 2021