Taïs Gutin


« tel[le] un cours d’eau qui creuse son lit là où il rencontre le moins de résistance. »* ["like a river that digs its bed where it meets the least resistance ".]

Yet these resistances are also the rocks that mark and delimit the singularity of the path taken by the river. They create tensions that make the memory of flowing water visible.

Currently in my 4th year at ESACM (Ecole Supérieure d'Art de Clermont Métropole), I'm writing my thesis and experimenting with new volume mediums such as polystyrene, bubble wrap and plexiglass, in order to deepen the narrative that unfolds through my work. 

I imagine and stage my work as a narrative established in space. The pieces create tensions between them, calling on the viewer to situate and move within the different layers of reading offered by the installation. The plurality of materials and techniques used offers different ways of experiencing writing, reading, narration and fiction.

* NORRIS Barney, Ce qu’ on entend quand on écoute chanter les rivières [What we hear when we listen to rivers sing]. London : éditions du seuil, 2017.