Charlotte Moth

Travelogue is the first monograph to be published on Charlotte Mothes work (born in 1978 in Carshalton, UK and currently living in Paris). It began with the eponymous exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein (Charlotte Moth. Travelogue, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz, 3rd June– 4th September 2016).

The book includes two essays by Ian Hunt and Fabrice Hergott introducing Moth’s practice, along with writings by Eva Birkenstock, Penelope Curtis, Christiane Meyer-Stoll and Kasia Redzisz, providing an in-depth study of the main collections of the artist’s work. It also contains one of Moth’s key texts regarding Travelogue, her ongoing collection of analogue photographs which she began taking in 1999 and to which she has continued to add new images throughout the course of her extensive research. “As a collection it reveals a personal circulation and movement through my visiting places,” she writes. “My photographic collection functions as a hidden aspect of my practice”. In her exhibitions, Moth’s Travelogue photographs appear in meticulously crafted displays which “create specific spaces and contexts for the encounter of an image”. This publication gives us new insights into her work, especially that of Travelogue: Moth, who has played a key role in both curating and displaying its content, gives us an overview of Travelogue through such items as the reproduction of some of her contact sheets. A booklet containing the translation in french was published on the occasion of the exhibition Charlotte Moth. Pensée kaléidoscopique (Parc Saint-Léger - Centre d'art contemporain, Pougues-les-Eaux September 24th - December 11st 2016).

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Charlotte Moth, Ian Hunt, Fabrice Hergott, Eva Birkenstock, Penelope Curtis, Christiane Meyer-Stoll, Kasia Redzisz
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