Palais des Glaces

The corpus of approximately 350 images combines different series of works, real iconographic sequences structuring the book.rage retrospective gathers 25 years of work and includes a large iconography reflecting the multiplicity of media and practices used (drawings, collages, videos, texts ...), as well as texts by Thomas Clerc and Bertrand Schefer, followed by an interview with Laurent Mauvignier. The graphic design of the book is articulated around the multiple means of expression through which the artist explores the possibilities of language and which constitute his filmed (video portraits, documentaries, short and feature films), photographic (photographic portraits), plastic (collages, drawings) and written work (which to date includes more than twenty books.

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Valérie Mréjen, Thomas Clerc, Bertrand Schefer et Laurent Mauvignier
Manuella Editions
Supported by
Galeries du CNAP - Centre national des arts plastiques, bourse Collection Monographie de l'Adagp, de la Fondation d'entreprise Pernod Ricard et de la Fondation Jan Michalski
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French, English
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