She paints, She paints

SHE PAINTS, SHE PAINTS, is the fourth monograph on Karina Bisch’s work, after “KB” in 2003, “Karina Bisch” in 2005 and “Karina Bisch. Album” in 2008.

The new book more precisely analyses her painting practice. It shows how the artist developed a wholly original pictoriality, extending well beyond the frames of paintings in order conquer the spaces of performance, theatre, ordinary objects, clothing—in short, the space of life. The 152-page book includes numerous reproductions of the artist’s works and images of her striking exhibitions. Although the 16 x 18 cm format is inspired by SKIRA’S famous 1950s collection “Le Goût de notre temps”, the book’s design offers a radically contemporary approach, resulting from a complicit, sustained exchange between Karina Bisch and the graphic designers from Amsterdam. Like the format, the fabric hardcover binding evokes modern art books, as well as black-and-white photographic reproductions. Yet the book SHE PAINTS, SHE PAINTS, is entirely in color, as if by giving up the illusion of representation, the color of the reproductions had completely invaded the book itself. As Experimental Jetset’s Marieke Stolk wrote in our exchanges: “For the reproductions of photos, we took inspiration from a few old books that use black-and-white photography in combination with audacious chromatic fields. These bold chromatic fields have to be printed in pure, solid (non-raster) PMS / Pantone colors (these inks are known as “spot colors”). Throughout the book, the system of colored fields almost forms a language, or a phrase, or a code. The book’s colors will thus be concrete colors—not “fake” reproduction colors, but the “real” colors of real printed inks.”

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Karina Bisch, Alessandra Bellavita, Nicolas Chardon
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CNAP (aide à l'édition), Fondation d'entreprise Ricard, Micro Onde, centre d'art de L'Onde, Le Quadrilatère, Palette Terre
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Bilingual (french / english)
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