Ludovic Boulard Le Fur


Ludovic Boulard Le Fur is the creator of continuous work, which has led him from series to series, from illustration to engraving, to carved wood, to sculpture, and more recently to oil painting.

In compositions that are a matter of shapelessness, the image is constructed by distinguishing eyes, faces and creatures. The work continues daily in modest, standard formats. The search for a form of representation tends to become the subject of his images. A panoramic unfolding of his work gently tells us about its evolution.


2008 DNSAP Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris (ENSBA)

2006 Exchange scholarship with the Canberra School of Art in Australia

2002 Master in Visual Communication ECV of Paris



Paréidolie, Centre social la Brunetière, Bergerac


Bienvenue, with Claire Chauvel, meeting at the workshop, Mouleydier


Livres réels et dessins récents, Galerie Treize, Paris, France


Les embruns du talus, Espace Xavier Violet, La Tranche Sur Mer (85), France

Tanneries Gallery, Nérac (47), France


Traquenard. COOP, Bidart (64), France

Centre d’art de Pollen, Monflanquin (47), France


Marzelles Museum, Marmande (47), France


Yeti-King, permanent installation, Private collection Xavier Cazard, Paris, France

Kiosque images, with Jeremy Boulard Le Fur, invitation magazine COLLECTION, Paris, France

Vestiges and fetishes, vestibule of La Maison Rouge, Paris, France

Loubard at the Atelier Katalin, works on paper, Paris, France



The Twentieth Fondation d’entreprise Ricard Prize, Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, Paris, FR

REALMS II, Jon Vaughn Police Station. Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, Canada


Comment faire plaisir ? Curator Vidya Gastaldon, Body & Soul, Geneva, Switzerland

Invasions Barbares. MAC de Pérouges Ain, France

Démons et merveilles, Siauliai Gallery of Fine Arts, Lithuania. With Thomas Perino


Salon de Poncin Ain, France

Goldenfield, Champdor Castle, Ain, France

EINMAL IST KEINMAL (once only does not count), Celal Gallery. Paris, France

Underground, Revues alternatives, a world selection from 1960 to today

Fête du graphisme, 2nd edition, Cité internationale des Arts, Paris


Hanging 2014, Celal Gallery. Paris, France

36 Mountains, 2nd edition. Zagreb, Lubjiana, Paris. Croatia, Slovenia, France

Damnation Sauvage 2, Temple Vengeance, Mat Galerie, Montpellier, France


Extensions, Celal Gallery, Paris, France

Brûle Monsieur Carnaval, Centre d’art Les Passerelles, Pontault-Combault (77), France

Escape the Landscape. DogPig Gallery, Taiwan

Urban Brains, Celal Gallery. Paris, France

Dopple Ganger, Paris, France

Suite Kimono, Exhibition around Singeon, Lazer Quest Gallery. The Bloc. Paris, France


A place near Vahna. Stattberlin Gallery. Berlin, Germany

36 Mountains. Zagreb and Montpellier. Croatia, France

Spacejunk. Invitation by Morgan Navarro, Lyon and Montpellier, France

Grotesque. Gallery Le Mat. Montpellier, France

Stratos. Invitation by La Revue Collection. Centre d’art contemporain de Lacoux, Ain, France


Frédéric Magazine. Jean-Marc Thévenet Gallery. Paris, France

Rock. Voskel Gallery, Paris, France

Screenophrenia 1 and 2, 38 Quai Notre-Dame, Lille. You Art Gallery, Liège, Belgium

Lucid dreams, Invitation by Mark Murphy, San Diego, USA

Pink Poseidon 6th edition, Place Forte Gallery, Paris, France

L’ivresse des cîmes, Galerie Ra, Antwerp, Belgium

CHIC DESSINS, Cabinet de dessin contemporain, Paris, France


Whatever they feel, invitation by Anna Parkina, Wilkinson Gallery, London, England

Rencontres, 6B, Saint-Denis, France

Summer Group Show, Fat Galerie, Paris, France

Rue des promenades, L’USINE, Paris, France

Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, 64th edition, Paris, France

Est-ce ainsi que les hommes vivent, Talmart Gallery, Paris, France

Viral Kabal, Pink Poseidon. Paris 11, France


Parcours d’artistes, Pontault-combault (77), France

Singular and Solitary, CROUS-Beaux-arts Gallery, Paris, France


Jeune création, exhibition and performance, Paris La villette, France

Géants, performance. Collective Drawings, ENSBA Paris, France


Salon des 109, Paris, France


Embarquons-nous, Travelling exhibition on a sailboat, Brittany, France

Vitrine Frédéric Magazine, No Good Window Gallery, Paris, France

Revue Politique, Fltmstpc Editions. France Fiction Gallery, Paris, France


The moth symposium, Canberra, Australia

Face, Canberra, Australia

1/X, ENSBA right gallery. Paris, France


2015 Magazine COLLECTION Blog

2014 Regular interviews:

2013 étapes, Number 214 Special drawing, section « Transcend drawing ».

Posca Interview:

2012 France 2, Interview for the Emission Grand Public. street art. December 14

2010 COLLECTION # 1 Magazine, 10 pages of interviews and reproductions of works.


2018 Les Crocs électriques, number 130

2014 Traquenard, Pollen Monflanquin Editions, accompanying the eponymous exhibition.

2011 Invitation to the Maison Jaune, text by Thierry Calvet, editions Rue des promenades

2009 BAZAR # 52, Fltmstpc Editions

Decapitron # 19, Shoboshobo Editions

2004 Le cantique de lumière, linocuts. Yoni Bin’s story, self-published

2003 MOUSSDIOUF no : 1, auto publication


2018 REALMS II. Book of 314 pages. With 108 international artists. Curator Jon Vaughn

2017 Blanco experimental online magazine

Fight mondo Zero edition, 300 copies, 52 pages

2015 Lynx, Ain newspaper at free price. Codirection and Illustration

2014 Hopital Brut 10, Dernier Cri Editions

Super-Structure / Bolides, Journal de dessins, éditions François de Jonge

Poursuite Kimono, Book gathering 27 artists invited by Singeon

Lagon, 380 pages book printed in riso and silkscreen. 33 artists.

2013 Super-Structure / Cabanes, Journal de dessins, éditions François de Jonge

Poum. Book gathering 15 artists. Edited by Jean-Baptiste Couronne and Alexandre Léger

2012 Triangular Book, L’articho editions

2011 Frédéric Magazine, publish Les Requins Marteaux.

Avorton1 and 2, screen-printed books Editions Mathieu Desjardins

Headache, Editions du Livre

2010 Rêveries Animales, book in serigraphy, ATUO editions

2009 Shinning Magazine # 8/ Pleasure, digital book

Lazer Magazine, free monthly fanzine

Na magazine # 1, Modern Spleen, free drawing newspaper and comics at 20 000 copies

Nazi Knife # 5, Fltmstpc Editions

2008 Rebel Assault, final issue of the collective Kung Fu magazine

2006 Le Club des 5, weekly magazine of the Kung Fu collective. N°35 : The vacuum

Frédéric Magazine, daily review, 57.

2005 Du lundi au lundi, Direction of the review of drawings, 10 numéros. Lucien Laberlu Publishing

Politique No. 2, Fltmstpc Editions


2018 Residence at the social centre of La Brunetière, Bergerac

2014 Le vif et l’inerte, Workshop at the Centre d’Art Contemporain de Lacoux (Ain)

2013 Residence Eros ou le paysage, Espace Eric des gorges, Mons La Trivalle (Hérault)

2012 Residence at La maison du poète, Serigraphy, Ecole nationale des Beaux Arts de Nîmes

2004 Residency at the Italian-Swedish Foundation, large format wood engraving, Venice, Italy


2015 Documents d’artistes of Rhone-Alpes

2014 Creation grant. Direction régionale d’art contemporain d’île de France

2013 1st prize Posca competition / surfboard / Rip Curl, travelling exhibition


2018 Paravant. Duo commission with artist Claire Chauvel

2016 Teorama. Edition of a silk scarf.

2015 Festival OFF d’Angoulême, Silkscreen postcard.

T-shirt for Phenüm brand

2014, participation in the contemporary design sales site

Fanzines! Festival. 10×10, 100 invited artists, Paris, France

Lecture at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts du Havre, edition of a phosphorescent serigraphy

Sticker for Radio campus, broadcast « Accords Électriques » on symphonic metal

2012 Edition of a silk scarf with L’Institut Sérigraphique, galerie du Jour agnès B, Paris

2011 Tatoos decals with the editions Rue des promenades, la Maison rouge, Paris

2010 Participation in the entrance jury of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris

Poster and wallpaper, underground music festival. Amsterdam, Netherlands

2008 Guardians Video: 4 min animated film with Vladimir Manouvia-kouka