Corps Flottants

A drawing book.


Constance Guisset draws in her studio, often as a starting point for an idea that will become a design object or a scenography. But drawing also takes its place at rest in suspended moments, escaping any duty or finality. It is no longer a question of drawing to work, but of drawing to free oneself. Corps flottants is a series born of this spontaneity: it is at sea that the "ghosts of confinement", as Constance Guisset likes to call them, have taken shape. This book, voluntarily without text, offers a space of free expression to these pencil drawings. Colorful and mischievous specters move and transform themselves over the pages, until they become illuminated ghosts on black pages. When the book is closed, the drawings leave an impression on the retina, like the testament of a memory that not even the movement of the sea can completely erase. Andreas B. Krueger; Chose Commune

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Constance Guisset
Chose Commune
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Fondation Pernod Ricard
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