Décor n°2, Vulgaire

The second issue of the annual journal of the École des Arts Décoratifs, dedicated to the question of the vulgar, explores through creations, portfolios, interviews, fictions and theoretical texts the polysemy of this word that embodies all the tensions of our time, dealing as much with gastronomy and cinema as with grossophobia, glitter and fanzines, yellow vests, Trump and Putin.

Published by the École des arts décoratifs de Paris, Décor is an annual magazine dedicated to the contemporary environment, which aims to think about the emerging creation in the fields of design, fashion, graphics, video or sculpture, scenography or animation, textile or photography. Through interviews, portfolios, theoretical or fictional texts, each issue takes stock of a problematic ("decor", "vulgar", "plastic", "child"...) that structures the environment, representations and social devices.

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Revue annuelle publiée par l'Ecole des arts décoratifs de Paris, édité par Judith Abensour, Elsa Boyer et Rose Vidal
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Fondation d'entreprise Pernod Ricard
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