Meta – A collaboration between TextWork and art-agenda

Meta is a text about a text, writing about writing. Meta is a glimpse at how writing takes place: where it begins, unfolds, and what it generates. Meta is a collaboration between TextWork, the editorial platform of the Ricard Foundation dedicated to commissioning longform essays on contemporary artists, and art-agenda. From 2019 to 2023, six times a year, art-agenda published a Meta text, in collaboration with TextWork. An occasion for the authors of the original TextWork monographic essays to revisit the experience, challenges, and joys of writing about art.

Texts published:






  • « Writing with Art » invites Nora Sternfeld to reflect, in conversation with the artist, on her monographic essay for TextWork on Emmanuelle Lainé’s work, « Working Conditions ».




  • « Metadata » invites Christina Li to reflect on her monographic essay for TextWork on Neïl Beloufa’s work, « Universes Undone »


  • « Where does it end? » invites Martin Herbert to reflect on his monographic essay for TextWork on Hubert Duprat’s work, « Bothness »





  • In « Zones of discomfort », art-agenda’s editor-in-chief talks to artist Julie Béna, whose work was the subject of a Textwork by Wong Bing Hao, titled « proxy pétillant ».




  • « Writing on foot » invites Fernanda Brenner to reflect on her monographic essay for TextWork on Sarah Tritz’s work, « Stage Fright ».